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  Brooke Park               6.8 acres Parking Lot 1, 2 U       Bench            
  620 Brooke Rd.   North Hills Train Station                            
  Coventry Park     2.8 acres Street Parking             Benches            
  New Second St. & Coventry Ave.   M. P. Train Station                            
  Melrose Park                                
  Curtis Arboretum            45.5 acres Parking Lot   U & P       Historic Marker            
  Church Rd. & Greenwood Ave.                   Live music            
  Wyncote                   Dog Park            
                      Rental Venue            
  Desert Storm Park    Street Parking             Bench            
  198 E. Laurel Ave.   Cheltenham Train Station                            
  Dishler Tract Park   Street Parking                          
  Carroll Ave.   North Hills Train Station                            
  Elkins Park                              
  Roller Hockey Arena                                
  Tookany Creek Pkwy & New 2nd St.                              
  Gimbel Field   Parking Lot 1, 6   U                      
  Tookany Creek Pkwy & Harrison Ave. E. P. Train Station                            
  Elkins Park   #28 Bus                            
  Gottschalk Field   Parking Lot 6, 7           Benches            
  Tookany Creek Pkwy & New 2nd St.                               
  Elkins Park                                
  Grove Park    2.8 acres Street Parking             Friends            
  151 Lynnwood Ave.    G. Train Station               Bench            
  Glenside   #22 & 77 Buses                            
  High School Park     11 acres Parking Lot   U & P       Friends            
  7851 Montgomery Ave.   E. P. Train Station               June: Arts in            
  Elkins Park   #28 Bus               the Park            
  Kleinheinz Pond                   0.5 acres Parking Lot             Fishing            
  Tookany Creek Pkwy                   Benches            
  Melrose Park                    7.2 acres Parking Lot 1, 6         Benches            
  330 Asbury Ave.   M. P. Train Station                            
  Melrose Park   #28 Bus                            
  Ogontz Park                         10.3 acres Parking Lot 1, 4, 6         Benches            
  Church & High School Rds.   E. P. Train Station               Track            
  Elkins Park   #28 Bus                            
  Parkview Road Park  13.1 acres Street Parking                          
  101 Parkview Rd.                                
  Parry Bird Sanctuary         12.8 acres Street Parking   U                      
  Chelten Hills Drive   #55 Bus                            
  Elkins Park                                
  Perley Bird Sanctuary   8.07 acres Street Parking   √ U                      
  Rices's Mill Rd./Glenside Ave.   J-W Train Station                            
  Wyncote   #77 Bus                            
  Ralph Morgan Park              5.5 acres Parking Lot 2   U & P       Friends            
  Glenside Ave at J-W Station   J-W Train Station               Bench            
      #77 Bus                            
  Renninger Recreation Area  8.3 acres Street Parking 1, 2           Day Camp            
  near Glenside Library   Glenside Train Station 6             Benches            
  Glenside   #22 & 77 Buses                            
  Robinson Park   4 acres Street Parking             Garden Plots            
  300 Greenwood Ave.   J-W Train Station               Benches            
  Wyncote   #77 Bus                            
  Rock Lane Park                    1.7 acres Street Parking   U         Education            
  800 Rock Lane                   Signage            
  Elkins Park                   Bench            
  John Russell Park               7.1 acres Street Parking 1, 6                          
  Penrose & Willow Aves.   #6, 22, C Buses                            
  Thomas Williams Park        9.1 acres Parking Lot 1, 2   U & P       Benches            
  Hewett & North Bent Rds.   J-W Train Station 4, 6                          
  Wyncote   #77 Bus                            
  Tookany Creek Park   Parking Lot   U & P       Benches            
  New 2nd St.↔Central Ave.   Cheltenham Train Station                            
  Elkins Park, Cheltenham                                
  Veterans Memorial Park   Parking Lot 1, 2       Day Camp            
  Tookany Creek Pkwy Central Ave.   Cheltenham Train Station 4, 6             Bench            
  Wall Park                              13 acres Parking Lot 2, 3, 4     Historic Marker            
  Church Rd. near Old York Rd.   #55 Bus 5, 6             Day Camp            
  Elkins Park                   Friends Group            



PUBLIC TRANSIT (within 1/2 mile)




Sports: 1 Baseball/Softball, 2 Basketball, 3 Skateboard, 4 Tennis, 5 Pickleball, 6 Soccer, 7 Fitness

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Judith Gratz, Environmental Educator

Cheltenham Township has places to go to enjoy the outdoors any time of year. Being outside can be an excellent way to lift your spirits. Below is a checklist for easy reference so you can choose a familiar or a new place to go for a walk or to just sit and enjoy the view.

You don’t have to cover a lot of ground to feel grounded!