cheltenham chamber of citizens

2017 CCC Board of Directors

Ms. Edie Cerebi, Web Administrator
Mr. Ron Dunbar
Ms. Judith Gratz, Membership Coordinator
Ms. Olga McHugh, Vice President
Ms. Heidi Morein
Mr. Jeffrey Olawski, President
Dr. Gail Post, Secretary

Ms. Donna Powell
Ms. Emily Stine, Treasurer
Ms. Susanne Whitehead

Cheltenham Chamber of Citizens (CCC) is a membership-based, publically supported, nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to promote, maintain and enhance the quality of life of its members and the Township of Cheltenham residents.  The CCC will pursue its objective by championing civic engagement, advocating for more transparency in local government, and being a proponent for more responsive representation in local and regional matters.

Cheltenham Chamber of Citizens (CCC) does not condone or support the printing of anonymous material.  Any printed or electronic material written by the CCC has and will contain the CCC name and contact information and is posted on our website.  If you have any questions about material printed by the CCC, please contact us at cheltenhamchamberofcitizens@gmail.com.

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