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Link to Public Works Committee Agendas/Minutes/Videos that meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Link to Public Affairs Committee Agendas/Minutes/Videos that meets the second Tuesday of each month at 8 pm.

The Library Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. (Visit the Township Calendar for meeting information and links.)

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The LaMott Community Center that houses LaMott Library and the Rowland Community Center that houses the East Cheltenham Library  were closed for the winter due to boiler and other safety concerns. The libraries were opened in July 2022 for limited hours.

​​ ​* One of the outstanding features of Cheltenham Township is the presence of historic buildings. These Township-owned buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. What is the township's commitment to retaining and restoring Township-owned historic structures?

Continued discussion on the fate of our buildings/facilities will occur at  meetings such as the Public Works Committee , Public Affairs Committee   and Library Board  .  Currently you can attend these meetings remotely through Zoom.

Here are some important questions to consider.

As part of the Five Year Financial Plan (FYFP) the Township is discussing the future of Township-owned buildings and facilities.  All Township-owned buildings are under scrutiny. Options include selling, repurposing, replacing, or repairing/improving these capital assests and centralizing some services. Public awareness and participation is vital in this process. Several  presentations on current facility conditions document the result of years of deferred maintenance.  Below are links to the September 2021 meetings and presentations. 


(Click the links on the images or go to NRHP  to learn more about these pieces of historic Cheltenham.)

Join the Facilities Committee Meeting via Zoom on September 29 at 8 PM. View  Zoom link here.


​​​* Old or new all buildings require routine maintenance. How does the township plan to enhance and improve their maintenance schedule to address any current or potential problems that typically occur in any building? 

* If one combined campus were to be built where would it be?

​* If buildings are modified or new buildings erected but old inefficient and ineffective workflows and processes continue, we will still face some of the same issues that we have now. The issues are more than the buildings. Has there or will there be an organized focused evaluation on how business is done and what modifications are needed  to support workflow  BEFORE modifications are determined?

* Has a People/Process/Technology framework been evaluated for the state of current efficiencies?

* Where is the Township in the development of an IT Infrastructure to support Township operations?

* Are there ill-defined procedures and functions that are expensive to operate or resource intensive? What can be automated?

* Why are there so many paper records? How can these files be stored safely on a server or in the cloud? How can these processes be automated with a management software solution?

Click here for more questions.


The LaMott Community Center is listed in the NRHP as part

of the LaMott Historic District.


* As with other Township facilities, the Conklin and Glenside Township pools have long had their maintenance put off by the Township.  Once centralized pool and/or replacements for the existing pools was studied over 5 years ago with no public update since.  What is the current plan for these Township assets?