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PennDOT Church Road

Improvement Project:

Greenwood Avenue to Rices Mill Road.*

Excavation at Curtis Arboretum and removal of mature trees to accommodate widening of Church Road and Greenwood Avenue.

Contact  your Commissioner, PennDOT, or other state official NOW if you have concerns about the impact this design will have on overall traffic, pedestrian safety, stormwater runoff, or on Curtis Arboretum.

The addition of  two new left turn lanes, one  in each direction, on Church Road at Greenwood Avenue.

An additional through lane with a shared right turn for westbound Church Road

at  Greenwood Avenue

A dedicated right turn lane into a fade-in lane on eastbound Church Road from Greenwood  Avenue. 

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Virtual Public Meeting 


For additional details read the  current Project FAQ 

Older posts are PennDOT FAQs and PennDOT Fast Facts

PennDOT plans to make major changes to the intersection of Church Road and Greenwood Avenue in Wyncote to improve the flow of traffic by widening the road and adding several turn lanes. Identified as Alternative 13, this plan was chosen for its minimal impact on the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College property. The project will significantly impact historic Curtis Arboretum, six residential parcels, and require a stormwater runoff management system. 

All of the technical drawings and photographs on this and other related pages are from the PennDOT Powerpoint presentation at the April 13, 2018 Consulting Parties Meeting or the from April 4, 2019 PennDOT Open House, as was any related information.

This section is currently being edited to reflect the changes in the January 2023 plan. They are:

  • A decrease in the widening of Church Road from east of Greenwood Ave to the Greenwood Church intersection.
  • The addition of a sidewalk on the south side of Church Rd. from Randall Rd. to Greenwood Ave. with an additional crosswalk.
  • Increasing the amount of wall that PennDOT will reconstruct.
  • A modification in the plan to replant trees in Curtis Arboretum.

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Click diagram for details

The addition of sidewalks on a portion of both sides of Church Road between Greenwood and Rices Mill and a portion of Greenwood Avenue.

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                           Curt Venditti, P.E.                                                         Ryan Binder, P.E. 

        PennDOT Consultant Project Manager               or​                       215-209- 1212  or ​​          

         610-212-4756 or c-cvenditt@pa.gov                                        ryan.binder@wsp.com.                                 

Major Project Components

The addition of a stormwater management system that includes a detention basin on the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College property to accommodate the additional storm water run-off that will be created by the additional paving.

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January 2024

Work is Currently Proceeding. The project is expected to be completed by Fall 2026

April 2023 Update

The project is scheduled to being the fall of 2023. Preliminary utility work will being on May 1.

​April 2022  Update

This project is scheduled for completion in 2023.

May Update 2019

On May 15, 2019 the Cheltenham Board of Commissioners approved a Resolution opposing the current intersection design and requesting PennDOT attend a Public Works meeting to make a formal presentation to the commissioners and the public.

Township Commissioners and Staff will meet on June12 with PennDOT and others to discuss the project design. Representative Steve McCarter and Senator Art Haywood have been invited to this meeting.  A summary and outcome of the meeting will be shared at an upcoming Public Works Committee meeting.

View PennDOT's response to comments submitted at the April 4, 2019 Open House or those received by May 2, 2019.

​For More Information Go to the PennDOT Montgomery County Projects Page and select  Route 73 (Church Road ).                    

Does the current plan, with it’s multiple turn lanes, put emphasis on the safety of pedestrians crossing  at the intersection?  Will  this plan give pedestrians on the north side of Church road safe access to the arboretum to attend public events?

Should a simpler plan with fewer lanes and less impact on the arboretum and surrounding area be considered?

Will the storm water management system prevent storm water runoff traveling down Greenwood Avenue hill to the low point at Glenside Avenue - already besieged with flooding problems?

​Will this plan actually encourage more drivers to use Church Road and create more congestion rather than less?

Were current traffic growth assumptions accounted for when considering current lifestyle changes with more people working from home? 

​​What are the Concerns?