This diagram depicts the

proposed lanes as they extend from the intersection.

Not to scale

All of the technical drawings and photographs on this and other related pages are from the PennDOT Powerpoint presentation at the April 13, 2018 Consulting Parties Meeting or the from April 4, 2019 PennDOT Open House, as was any related information.

Currently the intersection has one lane in each direction. Each lane is approximatley 11-12 feet wide. The total width of each road is approximately  22-24 feet.

New Intersection

Church Road  & Greenwood Avenue Intersection Details

Click diagram for larger view of plan.

PennDOT Church Road 
Improvement Project:
Greenwood Ave. to 
Rices Mill Rd.


Current Intersection

cheltenham chamber of citizens

Left turn lanes will be created in each direction on Church Road.

An additional lane with a shared right turn lane will be created for eastbound Church Road.

A dedicated right turn lane will be created on northbound Greenwood Ave that will feed into a fade-in lane on eastbound Church Road.

The creation of the additional lanes will increase the total road width to approximately  49 feet at its widest part.

The widening will impact Curtis Arboretum on Church Road for approximately 700 feet east of the intersection and 250 feet along Greenwood Avenue.

The widening on Greenwood Avenue will be balanced on both sides, while the widening on Church Road will be entirely on the Curtis Arboretum side.​​​