PennDOT Church Road 
Improvement Project:
Greenwood Ave. to 
Rices Mill Rd.

The orange areas denote sidewalk that will begin at the corner of Church and Greenwood at the Rabbinical College and extend part way to Barkley Road on Greenwood Avenue. 

The orange areas denote sidewalk to be installed on the north side of  Church Road from Greenwood Avenue to Rices Mill Road* and at the intersection at Rices Mill and Church.  A retaining wall will be needed along the Wyncote Elementary School property for safety. 

Church Road-North Side


Church Road-South Side

All of the technical drawings and photographs on this and other related pages are from the PennDOT PowerPoint presentation at the April 13, 2018 Consulting Parties Meeting,  the April 4, 2019 PennDOT Open House,  or from the PennDOT Church Road Project webpage,as was any related information.

The orange line denotes sidewalk to be installed on the south side of  Church Road from Randall Road to Greenwood Ave. that will lead to a crosswalk across Greenwood to Curtis Arboretum

Greenwood Avenue

*Enitre length of sidewalk not depicted in this diagram. 

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Sidewalks and Crosswalks