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Are Your Trees Mulched Correctly?

by Judith Gratz, Environmental Education Specialist




​​​​It is important that your trees are mulched correctly. It's easy to tell. Mulch should NEVER touch a tree. Why? Mulch that touches the trunk will cause the tree to rot and die. Slowly. Mulch should be kept 3" away from the trunk. If your landscaper suggests piling up the mulch or your neighbor does it that way they are risking the health of the tree. (Keep in mind that there is no certification for landscapers. Some may not have the requisite knowledge for proper tree planting and care. ) 

How to mulch correctly: A mulch circle should begin 3” from the trunk, not a mulch volcano. Mulch holds water. Water touching wood ruins the wood. Piling mulch up on a tree damages the wood. Moving the mulch away from the bark to at least 3” prevents this damage. Beyond the  3" space you create away from the bark, your mulch circle should be between 3’ to 6’ wide and no deeper than 3” to 4”.

 View  how to choose, plant, and mulch a tree properly at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEdHR11djPU

Read my previous post"Say No to Mulch Volcanoes"that includes a diagram and more links on this subject.

Need more information? Contact Morris Arboretum, our State Arboretum at (215) 247-5777 and ask to speak to an arborist.

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