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Enbridge Church Road Maintenance Project

August 2022

 Eastbound Church Road (Route 73) will be closed from  Waverly Road to Easton Road for the duration of the project. The orange lines on the map indicates two truck detours. The blue line denotes the car detour. Off-duty police officers will be at strategic locations to help direct traffic. (Click on Enbridge PowerPoint Presentation below for larger map.)

On June 12, 2022 an Aqua water main broke at the intersection of Church and Bent Roads. The water damaged the protective covering on  a small section of  the Enbridge pipeline that runs adjacent to the  water main. Repairs were delayed until the normal pressure in the pipeline could be decreased. Repairs were completed by Enbridge and Aqua within 24 hours.  This incident is unrelated to the planned mantenance project.

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   Arcadia University

Enbridge/Texas Eastern Pipeline Damage Repair

June, 2022

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The  Pipelines

The upcoming Enbridge Church Road Maintenance Project  has drawn attention to the presence of  interstate natural gas pipelines here. This page provides information on the  pipelines that traverse the Township  and  details on the Enbridge project.

Enbridge Public Information Pamphlet

 In June, Enbridge notified the Township of the need to visually inspect a section of the pipeline under Church Road adjacent to Arcadia University, reporting that their monitoring tools detected a possible problem. The project to inspect and make repairs to the pipeline is scheduled to begin in August of 2022 and take approximately 21 days.

Enbridge recently provided their Pipeline Safety and Emergency  Information pamphlet  to residents who live within close proximity of their pipeline.  It contains information that all residents should find informative.

Representatives from Enbridge attended the July 2022 Public Works Committee meeting where they presented an updated project plan and reviewed corporation information and practices.  They also answered questions from the commissioners and residents. LInks below.

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The Texas Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline is an 8,500-mile pipeline that connects Texas and the Gulf Coast with the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. It is owned by  Enbridge Inc.,  a multinational pipeline corporation headquartered in Canada. A section of the pipeline runs west to east through Cheltenham Township, some parts under Church Road. The company obtained  right-of-way privlileges for the pipeline from the Township in the 1950's.

The Transco Natural Gas Pipeline is part of a 10,000-mile pipeline that originates in Texas and runs to New York City. It is owned by the Williams Company, an American energy company headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma.  A section of the  pipeline also runs west to east through the Township, at times adjacent to the Texas Eastern pipeline.

View the exact paths of both pipelines at the National Pipeline Mapping System site. Select the Public Map Viewer.