Do these names sound familiar? Myers? Rowland? Learn more about the history of the Heller School site and the beginnings of public education in the township in the National Register of Historic Places Registration for the George K. Heller School.

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Historic Cheltenham

 At this time we are highlighting the George K. Heller School, now the home of the Cheltenham Center for the Arts, and Lynnewood Hall.

Learn more about other Cheltenham sites on the National Register of Historic Places on our
Future of Township Facilities page.

Lynnewood Hall

The George K. Heller School

 We are delighted by the news that the Lynnewood Hall  Preservation Foundation has acquired Lynnewood Hall with the goal of restoring the deteriorating mansion to its former glory. 

After viewing our brief overview, view a sampling of the videos, webpages and articles that have chronicled the property and the Widener family.  


Established in 1682, Cheltenham Township has a rich historical legacy.  Much of Cheltenham's story is found in the buildings and sites that span the township from Cheltenham Village to Edge Hill. This page will highlight some of these sites. Some of the history may be lesser known, but is of no lesser importance . 

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