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The complex will be built on the Pitcairn property on Township Line Road where a parking lot currently exists. The proposed project will provide 5,000 sq. ft. of retail/restaurant space and 10,000 sq. ft of office space. A green roof is proposed for a section of the building. Two buildings currently exist on the Pitcairn property.

Rendering of proposed parking garage viewed from the South Lot at the Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. A "living wall" of evergreen plants is proposed for three sides of the garage as an alternative to the customary screening required for parking structures.

The developers propose a "living wall"  in place of the requirement that a garage facade resemble an occupied building. Below is the developers example of a "living wall" at Saint Joseph's University.

March 2020 Zoning Hearing Board Decision

  The Zoning Hearing Board rendered a Decision on March 17, 2020.  The Board granted the major variances requested. It denied the JOSS request for a proposed  "living wall"  to fulfill Township requirements for garage facades and its request for an alternative to loading area requirements.  Conditions for proceeding include a signed lease from SEPTA for parking in the parking garage.  See pages 12 and 13 of the document for details.

Level 3

JOSS Realty Partners/SEPTA Collaboration Project 

Ground Level

Complex Footprint at Ground Level

​​JOSS Realty Partners, the current owners of the Pitcairn property on Township Line Road, has entered into a public/private collaboration with SEPTA. JOSS has proposed a five level (including roof parking), 398 space garage and retail/office complex adjacent to the South Lot of the Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. 

SEPTA will lease approximately 300 spaces from the JOSS organization for commuter parking. Factoring in the lost parking resulting from the proposed ADA modifications at the station, SEPTA will see a net gain of over 200 spaces. The  JOSS complex will connect directly to SEPTA's proposed Pedestrian Tower, a component of SEPTA's Pending ADA Modifications .

Related Project Diagrams

Orientation Map

Parking Garage

The JOSS ZHB Decision (Application of 165 Township Line Road Owner, LLC -  Appeal #i19-3630) is on the April 1, 2020 Building & Zoning Committee Meeting that will be held by video conference. Click here to view the agenda that includes directions on how to join the meeting.



Renderings and information for diagrams from information included in the JOSS Application for Zoning Relief and the November Cheltenham Township Building and Zoning Committee Meeting.

Rendering of proposed retail/restaurant/office space at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and Township Line Road on the Pitcairn property.

Office Space/Parking Area at Garage Level 3

 This joint  project with SEPTA will result in 200 more automobile "trips" in "the a.m. peak hour" and 165 more "trips" in "the p.m. peak hour." The overall plan proposes modifying the traffic flow in the station to a "right lane in and out" model. This includes modifying Railroad Avenue (the street entering the station)  and eliminating  the traffic light there. The developers believe that these modifications will improve traffic flow in and around the station.