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Homeowners’ Alert for November to March

The adult SLF lay their egg masses on trees and die. The eggs overwinter protected in a waxy covering, then 30-40 nymphs hatch in spring and begin sucking the sap from the trees, weakening them. 

Right now:

Stop the spread of the SLF.

     Check any outdoor equipment for the egg cases, for example on grills, mowers, under car  fenders,              firewood, lawn furniture, campers, truck beds, tools, and any other solid objects kept  outdoors, etc.

     Keep items here and don’t transport them to other places, such as vacation homes, other states, etc.

     Keep SLF in the 13-county quarantine area.



​​​​Scrape the egg masses.

     Look on trees, cement blocks, rocks, firewood, and all other hard surfaces for the egg masses from               September to June.

     Scrape off the egg masses with a plastic card, putty knife, anything that will get them off and not harm           the  bark. Scrape the masses into a plastic bag that has isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer in it, which           will kill the eggs.

     Smash the eggs: You can also kill the eggs by smashing or burning them.

Other advice will be available with changing seasons. Ongoing research will bring new and better management techniques. Research is still in an early but intense stage. Managing SLF is different at each stage in its life cycle.

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