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Ready to Make the Switch? Here is How...

     Before you start, get a recent Peco bill, you will need:

  • 10 digit PECO account number (see recent bill or contact PECO — (www.peco.com
  • Account name, address and phone number
  • Monthly electricity usage (in KWH)--to see your usage over many months, go to Account History after you log into your PECO account at www.peco.com.  

Considerations Before Switching

  • Pay attention to whether the advertised rate is fixed or variable or introductory only
  • Pay attention to whether you must sign a contract and the conditions (how long is it good for, what happens when it ends, is there an early termination charge).
  • For more information on how to understand the fine print, go to www.papowerswitch.com, see the Understanding Rates and Terms drop down menu.
  • To calculate the impact to your monthly bill, look at the “Electric Supply” section of your bill. Multiply the number of kWh you use by the generation price per kWh.  

Make the Switch to    Renewable Energy

Switching to renewable, clean energy is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to reduce your carbon footprint1. Deregulation in Pennsylvania means that YOU can choose the supplier that PECO buys your electricity from.

​​What About Oil and Gas?

Some renewable suppliers offer certified carbon offsets that are  automatically purchased based on your monthly usage. Carbon offset programs finance projects that reduce carbon emissions equal to what is generated by your oil/gas usage (e.g. forest or wetland restoration). Inquire with renewable electricity suppliers about availability.

Carbon offset programs can also be purchased independent of your utility. These may be tax deductible and often offer calculators so that you can purchase offsets for your airline and automobile travel. One transatlantic flight generates carbon equivalent to a year's energy usage for a typical home.

If this customer chose a renewable energy supplier which charges $0.10 per kWh, the monthly charge for electricity supply would be: 507 kWh x $0.10 = $50.70.

Still wondering if switching to renewable electricity is worth the ~15 minutes it will take? Think of this:

  • Power plant air pollution has been linked with up to 52,000 premature deaths in the US each year2

  • The typical household can save ~1.5 tons of carbon/year by using renewables—that is like planting 70 trees or driving your car half as much

  • Your dollars drive future clean investment and support the rapid growth of clean energy jobs3

If you choose a renewable energy supplier, PECO will still deliver the power to your home, bill you and handle emergencies. All that will change is the “Electric Supply” portion of your bill.

The cost of renewable electricity is competitive with non-renewable suppliers—in some cases the price is a bit lower and in some a bit higher.

Have Questions or Want a Yard Sign?

Email cheltenham.switch@gmail.com.

Suggested donation $5 for sign (cost of sign).  

1. Go to www.papowerswitch.com  
2. Enter your zip code, click “Go”
3. Select your account type (“Residential” or “Residential Heating”), click on “Full Results”
4. Enter your zip code and your monthly electricity use (in kWh)
5. On the left of the screen look for “Special Programs”, select the type of renewable     energy you want, click on “Filter Results”. Pay attention to the Percent Renwables     for each supplier, look for 100%.               
6. The price of your monthly energy generation for each supplier will be displayed.       You can compare this to your current bill (Energy Supplier)
7. Ready to switch? Choose a supplier, click on “sign-up”, review the 

   pricing/contract  details and follow the sign-up steps.

To find and compare renewable suppliers: